In the heart of Goa, a landscape littered with quaint Portuguese-styled homes and swaying coconut groves stands Urbania's state-of-the-art villas. Set to revolutionise the concept of urban living but Goan style with modern villas that epitomise luxury in a setting that is surrounded by the natural beauty of Goa.

With three categories, each of these villas is constructed with the principles of Japanese Zen architecture that embodies a sense of peace, privacy and wellbeing. more...

To Urbania Villas

We offer a perfect luxurious lifestyle in Goa. Carefully constructed with Zen architecture and interiors in mind the property is designed with elegant lines and modern amenities suitable for any family. The villas imbibe are classic collection of comfort for the family, romantic nocks and a peaceful getaway home.

A blend of luxury and comfort is what defines us.