Urbania's Zen villas offer a perfect luxurious lifestyle in Goa. Carefully constructed with Zen architecture and interiors in mind the property is designed with elegant lines and modern amenities suitable for any family. The villas imbibe are classic collection of comfort for the family, romantic nocks and a peaceful getaway home.

Finding Paradise

The state of the sunsets, expansive sandy beaches, intoxication twilight and the ways lapping at your feet. Urbania villas proximity to Panjim and the beaches of Candolim, Calangue and Baga allows its dwellers to maintain a luxurious urban lifestyle and yet still be close to the Arabian sea giving you the best of both worlds. Welcome to the paradise that is Goa and just sit back and its soothing serenity wash over you.

A Celebration Called Life

If it's untamed revelry you're looking for, then Goa is the answer. Urbania Villas are nestled amidst the greenery of the Porvorim plateau and conveniently located close to an array of nightlife, casinos and restaurants. The dazzling and vibrant colours of this state, energetic festivals and the Portuguese flavor keeps you coming back for more. Soon an exciting weekend turns into a lifelong love story and the home you always wanted.

A Toast To Good Living

At Urbania, you'll discover exactly that. Your little piece of heaven, in a residential villa with the most modern luxuries. So rekindle the romance in your relationship or have a laugh over drinks. Being sociable is always more fun when you have a luxury villa to call your own.

A Cocoon of Joy

Urbania is a project of 36 contemporary villas inspired by the Zen philosophy. Here, you can escape into nature without leaving modern comforts. Here, you can relax amidst the opulence or luxuriate in your private pool. Here, you can reconnect with friends over a party or with yourself over tea. Here, you can find paradise, not by getting away, but by coming home.

Nirvana By Design

The architectural philosophy of Urbania is inspired by the Japanese concept of Zen. You'll discover a home built around a private pool offering you complete privacy. Each villa is furnished with modern amenities and yet retains a kind of simplicity that shouts serenity. At Urbania harmony and balance meet design, a perfect place to make the house into a home.